Center for Indian Studies

What do we research?

History, culture, economics, social issues, internal and foreign policies of India and other South Asian countries, as well as Russia’s past and present relationships with them.

Our Structure

  • History and Culture Group (head – E. Vanina, Dr. of History)
  • Current Problems Group (head – T. Shaumyan, PhD in History)
  • “Under the Skies of South Asia” Multidisciplinary Project Group (head – I. Glushkova, Dr. of History)

About Us

In recent years the Center of Indian Studies has been working on two significant research projects – “India: the Prospects of Modern Development” (led by T. Shaumyan) and “Under the Skies of South Asia” (led by I. Glushkova). The first focuses on India’s current political, social, economic, ideological and environmental problems, the country’s position in world politics, and the prospects of Russian-Indian cooperation. The second project is dedicated to cultural issues of South Asian countries and is focused on processes and tendencies existing there, such as visual objects as markers of historical memory and ethno-cultural identity; role of personal and social mobility in history, culture and politics; territorial and geographical identity; strategy of social communication on cultural values. Both projects involve publication of article digests and annual conferences where Indologists from other Russian institutes and universities, post-Soviet countries, India and Europe participate.

For some time our Center has been involved in programs run by the Institute, such as “Oriental Society around the Turn of the 21st Century. Social, economic and political development”, “Development Patterns in Asia, Africa and South America”, “Cultural, Religious and Ethnic factors in Local and Global Processes”. The research of social, economic and political processes in India includes assessment of achievements, problems and prospects of the country’s development and comparison between the roles that state and market economy play in India and Russia. Other important subjects include interaction between regions and politics within them; problems of marginalized social groups, the challenge of poverty and backwardness; economic, social, cultural and political aspects of gender-based controversies. Our Center actively investigates the history and current state of relationships between India and Russia, discusses the prospects of cooperation in various fields. We look into India’s experience in statehood creation, development of democracy and civil society, economic reform, progress in science and technology to learn how to implement it here in Russia. Our researches in history and culture include the topics of general historical development patterns, analysis of basic cultural concepts and the evolution of Indian and South Asian cultures. One of the principal topics for our work is India’s position in the world, its role in South Asia, the Asian Pacific region as a whole, and its influence on global processes.

Our Center permanently cooperates with the Russian Foreign and Economic Development Ministries, the Embassy of Russia in India, and other major government organizations which we provide with our academic publications and analytical notes. Several of our researchers lecture in leading Moscow universities. We participate in a number of international projects on Indian Studies, where we work together with notable American, European, Indian and Japanese scholars. Our Center is a reference organization of the academic cooperation program established by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Indian Council of Social Science Research.

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