Wednesday 31 October 2018

Russia and India in Regional and Global Contexts

Russia and India in Regional and Global Contexts Russia and India in Regional and Global Contexts

Institute of Oriental Studies, 200th Anniversary Conference

This joint Russian-Indian conference was an opportunity to discuss cooperation between the two states, the development of global and regional international processes. The focus was made on of the modern stage of the Russian-Indian cooperation and prospects for the development of relations and contacts between the two countries on bilateral and multilateral basis, as well as the role of India and Russia in the regional conflicts settlement, solving problems of security, fight against terror, and a number of other topics.

The following issues were planned to be discussed:

1. The privileged partnership between India and Russia in the contemporary multipolar world: the regional and global contexts.

2. Russia and India in multilateral bodies (UN, SCO, RIC, BRICS).

3. The role of Russia and India in the settlement of regional conflicts (Afghanistan, relations with China and Pakistan, situation in South Asia and on its borders).

4. Role of transport corridors and multilateral trade routes in current politics and economics.

5. Global problems and the roles of Russia and India (non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, fight against terrorism, environmental risks).

6. Bilateral cooperation with focus on nuclear energy, oil and gas, science and technology, military-technical cooperation, problems and prospects of trade and economic cooperation, etc. Cooperation in the framework of the Indian policy of “Make in India” and the Russian policy of “Turning to the East.”

List of participants:

  1. Alexander Akimov (Russia)
  2. Vyacheslav Belokrenitsky (Russia)
  3. Gleb Ivashentsov (Russia)
  4. Sergei Kamenev (Russia)
  5. Andrey Kortunov (Russia)
  6. Alexey Kupriyanov (Russia)
  7. Fyodor Lukyanov (Russia)
  8. Sergei Lunev (Russia)
  9. Vitaly Naumkin (Russia)
  10. Vyacheslav Nikonov (Russia)
  11. Himani Pant (India)
  12. Uma Purushothaman (India)
  13. Abhijnan Rej (India)
  14. Alexandra Safronova (Russia)
  15. Varun Sahni (India)
  16. Tatiana Shaumyan (Russia)
  17. Rakesh Sood (India)
  18. Vyacheslav Trubnikov (Russia)
  19. Nandan Unnikrishnan (India)
  20. Andrey Volodin (Russia)
  21. Felix Yurlov (Russia)