Wednesday 31 October 2018

Peace & State – Building the Future of the Middle East

 Peace & State – Building the Future of the Middle East Peace & State – Building the Future of the Middle East

Institute of Oriental Studies 200th Anniversary Conference

The event is organized in partnership with the Center for Security and Development Studies at the School of World Politics of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The political transformation of the Middle East is entering a new stage.

The period of deconstruction through conflict and existential crisis gives way to the era of reconstruction and a constructive quest for new identity and foundations.

Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, and other Arab countries face a common challenge – choosing a new model of development which will ensure the optimal balance between the requirements for modern statehood and the imperatives of political stability, between universal values and local cultural traditions, between aspirations of a strengthening civil society and interests of the elites.

The Middle Eastern nations give extremely diverse answers to the unique challenges they have been facing lately. External actors – both regional and extra-regional – also play a significant role in these developments. All of them contribute to the non-linear processes of political transformation in one way or another – through direct military interventions, diplomatic initiatives or aid programs. External and domestic factors interact, revealing more and more trade-offs between state formation, state-building, peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction. The exploration of this problematique requires bringing together scholars of various academic backgrounds, both theorists and practitioners.

List of participants:

  1. Abdul Rahman Al-Agely (Libya)
  2. Altunai Aliyeva (Russia)
  3. Nader Bakkar (Egypt)
  4. Hrair Balian (USA)
  5. Vladimir Bartenev (Russia)
  6. Kayhan Barzegar (Iran)
  7. John Bell (Canada)
  8. Andrey Fedorchenko (Russia)
  9. Tatiana Karasova (Russia)
  10. Louisa Khlebnikova (Russia)
  11. Grigory Kosach (Russia)
  12. Bahgat Korany (Egypt)
  13. Alexander Krylov (Russia)
  14. Vasily Kuznetsov (Russia)
  15. Timur Makhmutov (Russia)
  16. Elena Melkumyan (Russia)
  17. Ruslan Mamedov (Russia)
  18. Hanna Notte (Germany)
  19. Lida Oganisyan (Russia)
  20. Marina Sapronova (Russia)
  21. Sergei Serebrov (Russia)
  22. Randa Slim (USA)
  23. Ekaterina Stepanova (Russia)
  24. Nikolay Surkov (Russia)
  25. Konstantin Truevtsev (Russia)