Wednesday 31 October 2018

The Current Situation of Conflict in the South China Sea

The Current Situation of Conflict in the South China Sea The Current Situation of Conflict in the South China Sea

Institute of Oriental Studies 200th Anniversary Conference

The conflict in the South China Sea is one of the most potentially dangerous for global security today. In this region, the interests of both countries of South-East Asia with China and the United States intersect and clash. This creates an extremely explosive situation, and the confrontation between the PRC and the US threatens to start a conflict between the great powers.

As recent events show, Russia is also a country that has serious interests in this region of the world, where global transport routes cross, large oil and gas fields are located.

The International Conference "The Current Situation of the Conflict in the South China Sea" is an extra one within the conferences held every two years (2013, 2015, 2017) by the Center of South-East Asia, Australia and Oceania Studies of the IOS RAS "Security and Cooperation in the South China Sea".

The conference purpose is to analyze the current state of affairs in the South-China Sea region and to forecast the possible trends in the conflict development. The conference will consider issues of military-political situation in the region to analyze the policies of all parties concerned, as well as legal aspects associated with the problem of territorial belonging of the disputed territories.

 List of participants:

  1. Jin Canrong (China)
  2. Elena Fomicheva (Russia)
  3. Erik Franckx (Belgium)
  4. Probal Ghosh (India)
  5. Pavel Gudev (Russia)
  6. Evgeny Kanaev (Russia)
  7. Vladimir Kolotov (Russia)
  8. Grigory Lokshin (Russia)
  9. Julia Luong Dinh (Vietnam)
  10. Dmitry Mosyakov (Russia)