Wednesday 12 June 2019

President of the IOS RAS Vitaly Naumkin was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation

President of the IOS RAS Vitaly Naumkin was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation President of the IOS RAS Vitaly Naumkin was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation

On the Day of Russia, in the Georgievsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, according to tradition, the State Prizes of the Russian Federation were awarded for prominent advances in science and technology, literature and art, and humanitarian fields for 2018.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin presented Vitaly Naumkin, Doctor of History, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the State Prize of the Russian Federation and awarded the honorary title of laureate of the Russian State Prize in science and technology for his outstanding contribution to Oriental studies (Arabic and Islamic studies )

V.Putin: ... Dear colleagues!

Vitaly Naumkin, a leading orientalist and the largest specialist in the Arab and Islamic world, became the State Prize Winner in the field of science and technology.

He thoroughly studied the history, languages, philosophy of the Middle East. He always combined his academic research with numerous missions, where accumulation of unique facts took place.

Such a strong scientific foundation predetermined the depth of understanding by the laureate of modern global processes, the significant expert role of Vitaly Vyacheslavovich in Russian diplomacy ...

V.Naumkin: Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Dear guests!

It is difficult to put into words my feelings when you so highly appreciate my modest contribution to Russian oriental studies. By the way, our institute, which celebrated the 200th anniversary recently, was led by prominent politician Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov for eight years, from whom I and my colleagues learned a lot, and the successful separation of global problems created by him, developing its traditions, just yesterday completed the anniversary Primakovsky's reading.

Your attention to our difficult complex science, which, with your support, I hope, will continue to develop, is a huge incentive for a large workshop of Russian orientalists, who in many areas of both classical and actual, sought-after research practices of the East, manage to outpace foreign scientists.

One of the reasons for this is probably the fact that we, as a special unique civilization, combine East and West in ourselves and therefore understand the East better. Even in the 19th century, Peter Chaadaev wrote that we, stretching between two great divisions of the world and leaning with one elbow on China, and the other elbow on Germany, should unite our civilizations and the history of the entire globe.

Those of us who are professionally engaged in the study of the Islamic world and the Middle East, the problems of rebel movements, extremism and terrorism, had to see here and reflect on many wars, revolutions, coups, cruelty and violence. And Russia brings peace and stability to the region, respect for the sovereignty and independence of states, and the rights of peoples.

We can be proud that our country, under your leadership, has become one of the key partners of the Middle Eastern states, played a crucial role in preserving Syrian statehood and defeating the bastions of terrorists that threaten humanity.

Allow me once again to thank you for the great honor shown to me to become the laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

Happy holiday to all!