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Рецензия на: Д.Д. Тумаркин. Белый папуас. Н.Н. Миклухо-Маклай на фоне эпохи. М.: Вост. лит., 2011, 623 с.

Dr. Vladimir Tyurin in his paper «Emergency in the history of Malaysia» states that the 12-year-period in the history of Malaya - since 18 June 1948 till 31 June 1960- came into everyday language as The Emergency and later this term was accepted by research and media publications. In the narrow sense this word refers to the armed guerilla war, waged by the Communist Party of Malaya against the British colonizers. But, on the other hand, «The Emergency» influenced all aspects of life in Malaya (and to a great extent in Singapore) - economic, social, political, national, it was also connected with the system of international relations and the pace and ways of the country's gaining independence and choice of ideology. In this respect this term could hardly be attributed only to armed confrontation between the British army and the police on one side and communist guerillas, - on the other. The causes of «The Emergency» are still the subject of discussions. Partisan approach gave way to more balanced analyses.