11 – 13 октября 2021 года

Conference “Oriental Epigraphic Readings in Memory of D.D. Vasiliev "

The Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences) invites you to take part in the first international scientific conference “Oriental Epigraphic Readings in Memory of D.D. Vasiliev ".

The conference will be held in a part-time format on October the 11th-13th, 2021 at the Institute of Oriental Studies (Moscow, Rozhdestvenka, 12).

The purpose of the planned scientific event is to discuss the essential issues of oriental epigraphy. The Institute plans to honor by holding this conference the memory of Dmitriy Vasiliev. He was our outstanding colleague and friend, a well-known specialist in the field of ancient Turkic epigraphy. Mr. Vasiliev would have turned 75 on October the 11th, 2021.

It is planned to to discuss the following issues at the event:

1. Ancient and medieval epigraphic monuments of the countries of the East and deciphering problems;
2. Techniques and methods of epigraphic research;
3. Publication сharacteristics of epigraphic monuments;
4. Epigraphic monuments and onomastics issues;
5. Modern issues of ancient Türkic epigraphy;
6. Field research of epigraphic monuments;
7. D.D. Vasiliev contribution to the monuments study of ancient Türkic runic writing.

The conference organizing committee asks you to send an application and report abstracts of the report before June the 1st, 2021 to
Abstracts are accepted in Russian or English, Times New Roman font, 14-point size, 1.5 spacing, the total volume has to be no more than 3000 characters (with spaces).
We ask you to send an application in a separate file, in which you must indicate the personal data of the author: full surname, first name, place of work, position, academic degree and titles, contact e-mail and telephone.

The section sessions will be formed on the basis of the submitted applications and abstracts.

The travel expenses related to the arrival and accommodation of speakers shall be borne by the sending party or personally by the conference participant.

It is planned to publish the conference reports in the yearbook "Epigraphics of the East".