21 октября 2022 года

Conference "Russian-Mongolian Agreement of 1912: to the 110th Anniversary of the First Agreement Signing between the Russian Empire and the State of Mongolia"

Organizers: the Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow Institute of International Studies of Mongolian Academy of Sciences (Ulaanbaatar)

Venue: Institute of Oriental Studies (Moscow, Rozhdestvenka st., 12)

On the 3rd of November (the 21st of October, according to the old style of the Russian dating) 1912, in Niislel-khure (Urga), the capital of Mongolia, the Mongolia and Russia plenipotentiaries signed the Russian-Mongolian agreement. By this agreement the Russian Empire officially recognized Mongolia and its government. This was the first international agreement concluded by Mongolia after this state declared independence in 1911, the document had laid the foundation for interstate Russian-Mongolian relations.

It is expected to address the following issues at the event:

  • International and internal situation of Russia and Mongolia during the conclusion of the 1912 Agreement 
  • Reasons and circumstances of  Russian-Mongolian Agreement of 1912 conclusion
  • Political, economic, military, spiritual, and cultural relations between Russia and Mongolia before and after the1912 Agreement Signing
  • Sources, historiography, and interpretations of the 1912 Agreement
  • Significance of the 1912 Agreement for Mongolia statehood development, as well as relations among Russia, Mongolia, and China