Monday 18 February 2019

Afghan-Pakistani Workshop

Afghan-Pakistani Workshop Afghan-Pakistani Workshop

On February 18th, 2019, the first meeting was held at the Institute of Oriental Studies in the framework of the Afghanistan-Pakistan seminar. The Center for the Study of the Near and Middle East (CSNME) had organized this seminar regularly. V.Y. Belokrenitsky, the leader of the Center was the head of the seminar, R.D. Daurov was the deputy head, O.E. Mitrofanenkova was the academic secretary.

The Afghan-Pakistani seminar was held in the format of the Round Table. Its principal issue was  that day situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Two presentations were made at the seminar. The first one was made by Ph.D. N.A. Zamaraeva, a senior researcher of the Center. The title of the presentation was “Six Months of Being in Power in Pakistan of a New Government Headed by Imran Khan”. N.A. Zamaraeva described in her report the electoral program of I. Khan’s party “Tehrik-e Insaf” (“Movement for Justice”), that helped to win the elections in July 2018. Then she noted that the party supported the youth. The implementation of the party’s program after the new government came to power was hampered by the acute monetary and financial crisis in Pakistan of the autumn 2018.

Ph.D. M.O. Nessar was the second speaker, the senior researcher of the Center, the chief editor of the portal “”. The title of his presentation was “New US Initiatives and Situation Assessment with the Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan”. The speaker offered several scenarios for the outcome of the presidential elections scheduled for the summer of that year, but stressed that they might not take place due to the ambiguous role of the Taliban in the political process. Mr. N. Nessar and other participants in the Round Table rated the prospects for conflict resolution as average, noting that the US desire to reduce its presence in Afghanistan enhanced the role and importance of other regional states, including Russia.