Traditional Сonferences

  • Academic conference “Society and State in China”
  • Inter-institution academic conference “South-Pacific region in past and present: history, economics, politics, culture”
  • Japonologist association's International conference “Security and partnership in South-China Sea: relevant issues and settlement of the conflict”
  • International academic conference “International transport corridors and viable areas of intense development facing globalization challenges”
  • Academic conference “Instability of geostrategic space in the Middle and the Far East: current issues
  • International academic conference “Historic, cultural, cross-national, religious and political connections of Crimea with Mediterranean area and countries of the East”
  • Academic conference “Economic, socio-political, communal challenges of Asian and African countries
  • International academic conference “Written artifacts of the East. Translation and interpretation challenges”
  • Russian Arabists' conference
  • International academic conference “Archival orientalism”
  • Inter-institute academic conference “Russian diaspora in the Eastern countries”
  • Moscow academic conference of young orientalists
  • Academic conference “Field studies by Institute of Oriental studies, Russian Academy of Science”
  • All-Russian conference “History of oriental studies: traditions and modernity”
  • Round table “Tibetian and Buddhist studies”

Regular seminars

  • Seminar “Text and source studies on the East”
    Hosted by Department of Oriental Written Sources
  • Seminar “Literal contest. Relevant issues of modern literary studies”
    Hosted by Department of Asian literature
  • Seminar “History and culture of Ancient East in the light of new discoveries”
    Hosted by Department of Ancient Orient
  • Center for Japanese studies seminar.
    Hosted by: Center of Japanese studies
  • Lecture course “New thought”