Thursday 26 November 2020

Conference "Russia-Korea: Good Neighbors"

Conference Conference "Russia-Korea: Good Neighbors"

On November 26th, 2020, the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the USSR/Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea was held within the walls of the Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences) (30.09.1990).


  • the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • All-Russian Association of Koreans
  • Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation

Conference topic: “The role of Russian-speaking Koreans and national diplomacy in establishing diplomatic relations and deepening strategic partnership between Russia and Korea. Historical aspect and modern geopolitical realities”. Why was the International Forum held at the Institute of Oriental Studies?

The answer is simple. A group of Korean scholars of the Institute of Oriental Studies (the USSR Academy of Sciences) headed by Kim F.G., the Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the First Deputy Director of the Institute, made an important practical contribution to the preparation of the decision adopted by the leadership of the USSR on the recognition of the Republic of Korea. It is notorious that this fact is well known in present and remembered by both the government of the Republic of Korea and the All-Russian Association of Koreans.

Dozens of scientists and public figures from Russia, Korea, and other countries took part in the conference, that was held in a combined mode in the Academic Meeting Hall of the Institute of Oriental Studies. The meeting was held online.

The conference began with speeches by Alikberov Alikber, the Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, and Golovachev Valentin, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies. The officials greeted the present people warmly.

Tso Vasily, the President of All-Russian Association of Koreans, and Pak Ho, the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, greeted the participants online.

The organizers and participants received greetings from the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, S.E. Cheryomin, the Minister of the Moscow Government, the head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the city of Moscow, A.V. Torkunov, Academician, Rector of MGIMO, Chairman of the Russian-Korean society, leading specialist in Korean studies in Russia.

In the first session of the conference key reports were made by prominent Korean study researchers, Vorontsov A.V., Pak B.B. (the Institute of Oriental Studies), Kim E.E. (the Institute of the Far-East of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Dyachkov I.V. (MGIMO University), Hwang Yong Sam (Hanguk University, Republic of Korea), Bugai N.F.

The online conference connected to the engaged participation the colleagues from Kamchatka, Primorsky Krai, Sakhalin, many other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as the CIS countries, and even researchers from Australia. The conference took on a truly international scale. For example, Professor Herman Kim from Tashkent presented a very meaningful analysis of the activities of South Korean business in Uzbekistan.

Famous scientists, public figures of Russia, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Kazakhstan, namely, Piskulova Yu.E., Tsoi I.V., Kim Moisei, Pak Hyun Tek (Republic of Korea), Em N.N., Beik Ku Sen, Din Yulia, Chen V.S., Cho D.I., Kim A.E., Pai P.P., Son J.G., K. E., Lim Sang Hyun (Republic of Korea), and others shared with the conference participants new investigation results. They shared for the first time a lot of documentary information, little-known facts of the establishment history of the Russian-Korean relations, the results of mutual achievements and accomplishments, problems and prospects for the development of good-neighborly relations of Russia and Korea. S.S. Kuchinsky, the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia, took part in the conference.

At the event the presentation of new books took place. The books were published in 2019-2020 by the organization All-Russian Association of Koreans "Russian Koreans", and they were shown at the book-illustration exhibition. All books were donated to the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.