Monday 13 December 2021

Report by E.A. Karvovskaya “Documenting Scientific Processes and Results"

Report by E.A. Karvovskaya “Documenting Scientific Processes and Results Report by E.A. Karvovskaya “Documenting Scientific Processes and Results"

Ms. Karvovskaya made a report “Documenting Scientific Processes and Results. Example from the Library of the Free University of Amsterdam" on the 1st of December 2021 within the framework of the seminar "Textology and Source Study of the East" (Free University of Amsterdam). The report was dedicated to working with digital data and preserving scientific data in the long term.

Research Data Management (RDM) is a developing area of ​​knowledge. In the Netherlands the university libraries play an active role in it. They help the universities to solve two major storage challenges:

1) Investors, publishers, national and international scientific foundations are concerned about the safety and availability of scientific data in the long term. The universities value ​​its reputation and tend to minimize the risks of data loss.

2) In Europe the legislation is strict on  collection and storage of citizens personal data, and the universities strive to minimize the risks of non-compliance.

The report showed the way the expert knowledge on different aspects of scientific data was distributed among different departments of the university, as well as what role the library played in organizing practical assistance to the researchers.

Ms. Karvovskaya also offered in the report the ten best practices for working with digital data in science, based on the article [Briney, Coates & Gobe. 2020]) and links to useful thematic resources (links and descriptions are provided below).

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Kristin A Briney, Heather Coates, Abigail Gobe. 2020. Foundational Practices of Research Data Management