PhD in Philology

Department of Oriental history


Scientifics Interests:

Turkish literature, history of traditional Turkic culture, oral and literature tradition, Turkic epic traditions

Publications (selected):

Monograph study:

Anikeeva T.A. The Turkish Folk Narratives of the 19th Century. Moscow, 2011.

Scientific articles:

  1. Anikeeva T.A. The idea of magic yada taşı and Turkic Ritual of the Praying for Rain among Turks of Central Asia // The World Of Central Asia. Archaeology. Ethnology. Materials of the International Scientific Conference. Vol.1. Ulan-Ude, 2002 (In Russian)
  2. Anikeeva T.A. Elements of the Ancient Turks’ World-Outlook (on the Example of “Kitab-i dedem Korkut”) // Turkologicheskiy sbornik 2003-2004 (Turkological Collection 2003-2004). M., 2005. P. 6–29. (In Russian)
  3. Anikeeva T.A. Kinship in the Epic Genres of Turkish Folklore // Kinship in the Altaic World. Proceedings of the 48th Permanent International Altaistic Conference. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrasovitz Verlag, 2006. S.19-24.
  4. Anikeeva T.A. On the Unpublished Turkish MS “Harami ile Kadi” // Oriental Archive. Moscow, 2009, № 1(19). P. 85-89 (In Russian)
  5. Anikeeva T.A. “Kitab-i dedem Korkut” as the Source on Cultural History of the Oghuz Turks // Chronica. Annual of the History. University of Szeged. Szeged, 2011, vol. 11.
  6. Anikeeva T.A.  Illustrations in the litographies of the Turkish folk narratives и // Bulgarian Folklore. №3-4. Sofia, 2012. С. 109-116 (In Bulgarian)
  7. Anikeeva T.A.  Mythological motives in Siyah Kalem’s paintings // The Almanach of the Turkic Academy. Astana, 2013. P. 388-395. (In Russian).
  8. Anikeeva T.A.  Turkish Lithograph of the 19th century: the making and existence features // Turkic book: the legacy of the ages. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the History of the Turkic book. Kazan, 2012.
  9. Anikeeva T.A.,  Zaitsev I. V. The Autographs and bookplates in books from the Library of the Lazarev Institute - Scientific library of the MGIMO (University) of the MFA as a source for history of the Moscow Oriental studies // Oriental archive. 2016, No. 2.
  10. Anikeeva T.A. Turkish Folklore in Manuscripts and Lithographs of the Collection of the Lazarev Institute in the Scientific library of the MGIMO (University) of the MFA // The Historical Mosaic of Eurasia. Collection for the 70th Anniversary of D. D. Vasiliev. M., 2017.
  11. Anikeeva T.A."The Book of Dede Korkut" as a monument of the written epic / / Monuments of the Written Epic of the West and East: Collective Monograph. Comp. and ed. by S.Y. Neklyudov, N.V. Petrov. M., 2018. P. 384-400

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