Dr. of History

Department of Oriental history


1970-1975 – Novosibirsk State University. Degree received: MA in History.

Scientifics Interests:

Theory and practice of interethnic relations; social and cultural problems of ethnic groups in different regions of the Russian Federation; historical and ethnosociological research of these questions.

Main publications:

  • Youth of Tuva and Khakasia in the 21st century. Ethnosociological essays. Moscow. 2017.
  • Ethnocultural adaptation of the population of South Siberia (contemporary period). Moscow. 2008 (in co-authorship with S.P. Tyukhteneva).
  • Women of Tuva and Khakasia in the Context of the Transformation Period in Russia. Moscow. 2005.
  • Interethnic relations in Tuva (based on ethnosociological research). Мoscow. 1999.
  • The Republic of Tuva. From romanticism to realism. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe. 1999.
  • Formation of the ethnopolitical situation. Essays in the history of post-Soviet Tuva. Vol. 1. Мoscow. 1999 (in co-authorship with M.N. Guboglo and M.S. Kozlov).
  • The Republic of Tuva. A model of ethnological monitoring. Moscow. 1997.
  • Contemporary Tuva: sociocultural and ethnic processes. Novosibirsk: Nauka. 1995 (in co-authorship with G.Balakina).

Zoya Anayban
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