PhD in Philology

Department of Asian and African languages

Born in 1976. Graduated from the Russian State University for Humanities in 1998, Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Ph.D. thesis «Lexical ambiguity in Japanese-Russian translation», 2003.

Working at the Institute of Oriental Studies since 1998, currently as a researcher. Also a member of the Moscow Lexico-typological group, supplying data on the Japanese language for many of the group’s projects.


Russian State University for Humanities

Scientifics Interests:

Lexical semantics, lexical typology, lexicology of the Japanese language

List of main publications

  1. Glagoly zvukov zhivotnyh v sovremennom japonskom jazyke (The Japanese Verbs of the Sounds of Animals) // Glagoly zvukov zhivotnyh: tipologija metafor. Moscow, 2016. Pp.263-281
  2. Japonskoe semanticheskoe pole vlazhnosti v tipologicheskom aspekte (The Semantic Field of Wetness in Japanese: a Typological Perspective) // Problemy leksiko-semanticheskoj tipologii. Vol.2. Voronezh, 2013. Pp. 239-251.
  3. (co-authors A.Kostyrkin, T.Reznikova) Constructing a Lexico-Typological Database (for a Study of Pain Predicates) // The digest "Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies", 2012
  4. (co-author A.Kostyrkin). Leksika boli v japonskom jazyke (The Japanese Vocabulary of Pain) // Koncept "bol'" v tipologicheskom osveshhenii. Kiev, 2009, с. 365-392.
  5. Vyrazhenie peremeshhenija i nahozhdenija v vode v japonskom jazyke (The Japanese Vocabulary of Swimming and Floating). Glagoly dvizhenija v vode: leksicheskaja tipologija. Moscow, 2007. Pp. 617-640.
  6. K opisaniju valentnostnyh svojstv LF semejstva Oper, Func, Labor na japonskom materiale (Towards a description of valency transfer to Operi, Funci and Laborij -type verbs in Japanese) // Vostok - Zapad: Vtoraja mezhdunarodnaja konferencija po modeli "Smysl-Tekst". Moscow, 2005. Pp. 350-360.
  7. As translator: T.Kunihiro. Ideal'nyj tolkovyj slovar' (The Ideal Explanatory Dictionary). Moscow, 2009

Panina Anna
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