1 ноября 2018 года

The Past and Future of Russian Sinology

The Past and Future of Russian Sinology The Past and Future of Russian Sinology

Institute of Oriental Studies 200th Anniversary Conference

This conference is dedicated to the most complex, important and relevant problems in the history of Russian Sinology. The aim of the conference is to discuss these issues together with prominent Chinese scholars specializing in Russian history and culture, as well as to outline some preliminary results in regard to the anniversary of  Oriental Studies in Russia. One of the central topics will be the comparison between the past and present of Sinology. While attempting to define the common tendencies and specific traits of Russian Sinology throughout its history, it is important to examine the impact particular individuals have made on this process, first of all considering the development of relationships between Russia and China, as well as their influence on Sinology as a field of research, education discipline and a general cultural phenomenon.

List of participants:

  1. Tuyana Budayeva (Russia)
  2. Larisa Chernikova (Russia)
  3. Valentin Golovachev (Russia)
  4. Artyom Kobzev (Russia)
  5. Li Yanling (China)
  6. Li Yingnan (China)
  7. Liu Yading (China)
  8. Mao Weiyun (China)
  9. Tatiana Sokolova-Delyusina (Russia)
  10. Tao Yuan (China)
  11. Mark Ulyanov (Russia)