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Competitive Admission to Graduate School of the Institute of Oriental Studies in 2021

The Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences) announces admission to full-time and part-time postgraduate studies in 2021.

Persons with higher education, confirmed by a specialist diploma or a master's diploma, are allowed to enter the graduate school to master further the programs for scientific and pedagogical personnel training.

The admission will be carried out on the basis of the budgetary allocations expenses from the federal budget. The admission will be carried out also under contracts for providing paid educational services.

Admission to training programs of the Institute of Oriental Studies graduate school will be conducted on a competitive basis of the entrance tests results.

All applicants will be provided with equal conditions for admission.  Similar entrance examinations will be established for all students. 

These subjects will be examined: special discipline corresponding to training profile, philosophy, foreign language.

Competitive entrance exams will be held in August 2021.

For detailed information please visit our web-site: 

Address: Moscow, st. Rozhdestvenka, 12, office. 131 (first floor). 

Phone for inquiries: (495) 624-22-14