28 ноября 2023 года

Round Table in the Memory of R.M. Nureyev "Historical Fates of Power-Property in the East"

The Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences) jointly with the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Economics (the Russian Academy of Sciences) invites young scientists to take part in the round table in memory of R.M. Nureyev "Historical Fates of Power-Property in the East".

Rustem Nureyev (1950–2023) left behind a rich creative legacy: the Recruiting Services Consensus Index database alone contains 605 his publications, and these are just figures. Beyond them are ideas and concepts that have firmly entered the modern discourse of Russian social sciences representatives.

One of his actively promoted ideas was the concept of power-property: a socio-political structure phenomenon that arises in non-Western societies when the monopolized right to own official functions allows its possessor to convert power into the possibility of distributing resources in the economy. R.M. Nureyev himself used this concept to explain the reasons for the failure of market reforms in Russia. On the other hand, it also showed (R.M. Nureyev payed special attention to it) that the 

Russian economy’s drama was akin to the Asian path. In this sense the concept of power-ownership became a way to show the unicity of non-Western economies in terms of the complex interaction among power, economic and social institutions in the non-Western countries.

However, how relevant is the concept of power-ownership to what we know about the countries of the East and, more broadly, the global non-West today? May it become a universal theoretical framework used by modern researchers of the Eastern countries in their works to explain the socio-political processes unfolding both in the past and in the present?

Date: the 28th of November, 2023

Venue: Institute of Economics, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nakhimovsky prospect, 32; on-line broadcasting

To participate in the round table, please register before the 14th of November, 2023 at the link: