Historical Psychology & Sociology

Journal «Historical Psychology & Sociology» Journal «Historical Psychology & Sociology» The new interdisciplinary scientific journal «Historical Psychology & Sociology» was first published in 2008.The journal publishes various articles on comparative studies, psychological features of cultures and historical periods, languages, world views, values and ways of life, mutual influence of different parameters of social being. The journal focuses mainly on the researches in global and universal history, the problems of methodology of interdisciplinary researches, historical and political philosophy.

Published since 2008, comes out biannually.

Editors-in-Chief: Grinin L., Nazaretyan, Akop P..

ISSN 1994 – 6287

СМИ ПИ № ФС77-27366, March 2007

Address: 16/1, Basovskaya Street, office 404, Moscow

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