Monday 29 October 2018

500 Years of Russian-Turkish Relations

500 Years of Russian-Turkish Relations 500 Years of Russian-Turkish Relations

Within the framework of the 200th Anniversary of the Institute of Oriental Studies commemoration agenda, an exposition of various documents on Russian-Turkish relations was held at the Expo Hall of the Russian State Humanitarian University on October the 30th.

The exposition was designed and organized by Dr Alexander Vasilyev and Darya Zhigulskaya, the researchers of the Department of Oriental History, Institute of Oriental Studies, in collaboration with Professor Ugur Unal, Chief Director of the State Archives of Turkey.

The opening ceremony included welcome addresses by Huseyin Dirioz, the Ambassador of Turkey to Russia, Yashar Yakis, ex-Foreign Minister of Turkey, Ekmelleddin Ihsanoglu, ex-Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Professor Ugur Unal and notable Russian turkologists.

The documents shown at the exposition represented nearly 5 centuries of Russian-Turkish diplomatic relations. These artifacts had been exhibited outside Turkey for the first time, they could be used as highly valuable historical sources. The Turkish side provided the Institute with the copies of the documents, available for research purposes at the Historical Sources Laboratory of the Department of Oriental History.