Wednesday 3 February 2021

Meeting with Delegation of Southern Yemen Transition Council

Meeting with Delegation of Southern Yemen Transition Council Meeting with Delegation of Southern Yemen Transition Council

The Center of Arab and Islamic Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies held a meeting with the delegation of the Southern Yemen Transition Council this Wednesday, the 3rd of February, 2021.

At the beginning of the event the leaders of the Council awarded three participants of the Russian-Yemeni Comprehensive Expedition in Hadramaut – Academician Hizri Amirkhanov, Dr. Aram Akopyan, and Dr. Oleg Redkin commemorative diplomas.
Then, the discussion on the Yemen situation started.
General Aidaros Qasem Abdulaziz al-Zubaidi, the President of the Council,  pointed out in his speech that the Council sought to solve the "Southern problem" by a democratic peace process based on acknowledgement of the former People Democratic Republic of Yemen inhabitants' right to self-determination. He emphasized the Council's willingness to start negotiations immediately with all the sides of the crisis in order to put an end to the war in Yemen, that  had thrown the entire nation into the most severe humanitarian catastrophe in the world. He called the signment of November 2019 Riyadh agreements a manifestation of the Council's good will and compliance. He also pointed out that the best formula of the crisis resolution as a whole was the restoration of the "two states pattern" that had existed before the unification of Yemen in 1990.
Ahmed Lamlas, the Governor of Aden, recalled a paradoxical situation. He said that even though before the year 1990 the two Yemeni states had existed, the people had felt united, but after the unification and the civil war of 1994, a single state had been created, but the people had divided into two hostile groups.
Finally, the Head of the Southern Yemen Transition Council expressed his confidence that the strengthening of Russia's role in Yemen would benefit the general situation in the region.
In the framework of the discussion, the participants exchanged their views and referred to many relevant issues, such as the situation in the Yemen's new government with the participation of  the Council members.