PhD in History

IOS RAS » Department of Israel and the Jewish Communities » senior researcher

Scientific Interests

Нistory and Politics of Israel ; Problems of Russian Speaking Israel ; History of Jewish Communities in the USSR/RF

Main publications:

  1. Masyukova I.V. Jews in the USSR: Immigration to Israel in the 1970's (by example of Jewish Community in Georgia)// Jews of Europe and Middle East: Tradition and Modernity. History, Languages, Literature. St. Petersburg, 2016. Issue 11; pp. 294-299.
  2. Masyukova I.V. Jewish Immigration to Palestine in the Context of II World War. //  Palestine and Israel from II World War to Present Days. / Karasova T.A. (ed.) M.: Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS. 2016, pp. 119-133. 
  3. Masyukova I.V. Many-Sided Israel in the World. // Oriens, M., 2013, № 2, pp. 153-157.