Dr. of Political science

Center for Study of Common Problems of Contemporary East


Graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University. Ph. D., 1978, Theme of Dissertation – Socio-political Development of Kuwait after the independence; Since 2006 – Professor in the Department of Oriental Studies in Russian State University for Humanities.t1999 – Docteur d’État (Habilitation); the subject of post-doctoral dissertation: The Gulf Cooperation Council in Global and Regional Processes.


Dr., Professor, Department of Oriental Studies in Russian State University for Humanities (Moscow).

Scientifics Interests:

The international relations in the Middle East.

List of main publications

  1. Vneshnia politika Saudovskoi Aravii: prioritety, napravleniya, process priniatiya resheniya (The Foreign Policy of Saudi Arabia: Priorities, Directions, Decision-Making Process). Moscow, 2003 (co-authored).
  2. Gulf Cooperation Council Relations with Russia, Gulf Research Center, Dubai, 2005.
  3. Region Zaliva: conflikti, compromisi, sotrudnitshestvo (The Gulf Region: conflicts, compromises, cooperation. Moscow, 2008.
  4. Dirasat fi taarih Al-Kuwait al-hadis va al-muasir (Researches of Modern and Contemporary History of Kuwait). Kuwait, 2011.
  5. Noveishaya istoriya Kuveita (Contemporary History of Kuwait). Moscow, 2011.
  6. Kuwait v 2000-e godi: vnutripolititsheskoe razvitie i vneshniaa politika (Kuwait in 2000s: internal political development and foreign policy). Moscow, 2014.
  7. Istoriya gosudarstv Arabskogo zaliva v XX - nachale XXI veka (History of the Arab Gulf States in XX - the beginning of XXI century). Moscow, 2016.