18.02.1991 born in Novosibirsk. Graduated from Novosibirsk State University in 2013 with honors degree, major - Oriental and African Studies, thesis topic - «Historiosophical views of Li Zhi». Received MA degree in Xiamen University (PRC) in 2016, major - Chinese Philosophy, thesis topic - «The Problem of "Four Books with Remarks" Authorship: Arguments to the Point that Ye Zhou Forged Li Zhi» (论《四书评》作者问题:叶昼伪作李贽的论据). Member of IOS RAS China Department from 2015.


2008-2013: Novosibirsk State University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Oriental Studies (Specialist)
2013-2016: Xiamen University, PRC, Institute of Humanities, Department of Chinese Philosophy (MA, Chinese Government Scholarship)


Russian State University of Humanities, Department of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies (transformed into Faculty in December 2015), Lecturer.
2015-2016: Chinese Culture, Geography of China, Chinese History.

Scientifics Interests:

Chinese philosophy, main research topic - works and ideas of Li Zhi (李贄, 1527 - 1602).

Member of EACS (European Association for Chinese Studies). Member of EACP (European Association for Chinese Philosophy).

Participation in Conferences:


  1. VIII World Confucian Conference (Qufu, China)
  2. Second Conference on Middle Period Chinese Humanities (Leiden, Netherlands)
  3. Second EACP Conference (Basel, Switzerland)
  4. “Confucian Canons (jingxue 經學), Literary Genre and Literary Style” (Trier, Germany)


  1. EACP Inaugural Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania).
  2. EACS Bianual Conference (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  3. SDCF (Sinological Development Charitable Foundation) Summer Sinological Programme (Hong Kong - Taibei - Beijing)


  1. Annual International Sinology conference «State and Society in China» (Moscow, Russia).


  1. XXVII «Conference on Historiography and Source Studies of Asia and Africa» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

List of scientific works:

  1. Evaluating the Four Books (四書評): The Authorship Problem. Ming Qing Yanjiu XXI. Brill: Leiden, 2017. pp. 21-54.
  2. Li Zhi “A Book to Burn”: Philosophical Ideas and Structure of Juan № 3, Voprosy Filosofii, Vol. 11, 2017. pp. 163–174. (in Russian)
  3. Review of Li Zhi “A Book to Burn” Juan № 3 Philosophical Ideas. Society and State in China. V. XLVII, P. 2. Moscow: IOS RAS, 2017. pp. 460–503. (in Russian)
  4. Xunzi versus Mozi: logical analysis of the arguments. Society and State in China. V. XLVI, P. 1. Moscow: IOS RAS, 2016. pp. 448–484. (in Russian)
  5. Discussion about Authorship of the «Critical Commentaries to the Four Books». Society and State in China. V. XLV,P. 2. Moscow.: IOS RAS, 2015. pp. 124–143. (in Russian)
  6. Li Zhi’s «On the Child-Like Heart-Mind»: analysis of philosophical ideas // Bulletin of Novosibirsk State University. 2015. V. 14, # 4: Oriental Studies. pp. 180–186. (in Russian)

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