PhD in History

IOS RAS » Department of Israel and the Jewish Communities » Leading Researcher

Scientific Interests

International relations in the Middle East (1945-2000); the History of Israel (beginning of the 20th century – present time); the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (beginning of the 20th century – present time).


Monograph study:

  1. T.Nosenko, N.Semenchenko The vain feud. Essays of the Soviet-Israeli Relations 1948-1991. M.: Institute of Oriental Studies. 2015
  2. T.Nosenko Jerusalem: three religions, three worlds. M.: Olma-Press, 2003, 2016
  3. T.Nosenko The secrets of Jerusalem. M.: Veche Publishing House. 2007

 Scientific articles:

  1.  T.Nosenko, V.Isaev, E.Melkumian The Palestinian problem in the policy of the USSR/Russia// Vestnik of MGIMO-University. №4. 2017. P. 113-126.
  2.  T.Nosenko The creation of Israel: the policy of the USSR and the USA (1945-1948)// Moscow University Journal of World Politics. №2 2016. P. 55-89.