Ol`ga Alekseevna

PhD in History

Center for Japanese Studies

Dobrinskaya Olga was born in Moscow in 1978. In 2001 she graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Relations and entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation where she worked at the Second Asia Department, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, Consulate General of Russia n San Francisco. In 2005 she got a PhD in history, the topic of the PhD thesis was “Evolution of Japan’s national security policy after the collapse of the bipolar system of international relations”. In 2011 she started working as a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. While conducting academic research she also teaches Japanese language and Introduction to Japan studies at the Diplomatic Academy of MOFA of Russia and lectures on history and political geography of Japan at the Oriental university. She is member of the Russian Association of Japanologists. Academic interests are modern Japan’s foreign policy, national security, soft power.

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