Zoya Nikolaevna

PhD in History

Center for Study of Common Problems of Contemporary East


Scientifics Interests:

Sociology of cities.

List of main publications

  1. Monograph - Problems of the socio-economic evolution of the countries of Southeast Asia and Tropical Africa (comparative analysis). - M., "Science". 1981 11.7 al.
  2. Monograph - Urbanization and the city in Asia (history and modernity) - M., 1993, 15 a.L., DEP in INION, No. 47824, 319 p.
  3. Monograph - The eastern city is a traditional, colonial, modern as a subject of the civilizational process. - M.: Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 2011 - .15.25 a..l.-244 s.
  4. Article - City in a changing world: transitions and processes (from preindustrial to postindustrial society) // City in the processes of historical transitions. Theoretical aspects and sociocultural characteristics - M., "Science" .- 2001 - p. 248-342.
  5. Article - Urban-sociological picture of the world in the late twentieth and early twentieth centuries. // Russian Oriental Studies in the Memory of M. S. Kapitza. "The Ant" - Moscow - 2001 627 - 644 p.
  6. Article - The Third World City: Origins and Formation as a Subject of Historical Processes and Transition to Modern Civilization // Man as a Subject of Culture. /Otv. Ed. E.V. Saiko. - M.: Science, 2002 445 p. - (Subject in the world - the subject's world). 279 - 308 p.
  7. Article - City and urbanization - the phenomena and paradigms of civilization. // Civilization and Scrapping: Structure-Forming Factors and Subjects of the Civilizational Process / Otv. Ed. E. V. Saiko; Scientific. Council "History of World Culture" - Moscow: Nauka, 2003 - 453 p. - (Subject in the World - The World of the Subject).
  8. Article - Temporal dynamics of the formation of the eastern city as a subject of world history. // The subject of the time of social existence: the historical fulfillment of the space-time continuum of social evolution. / otv. Ed E.Saiko: Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. - M: Science. 2006 (Subject in the world - The subject's world). 318 - 376 p.
  9. Article - The Phenomenon of Singapore and Hong Kong // What is catching up with catching up development. The search for concepts. In memory of Alexander Mikhailovich Petrov. - M., 2011, 302-320 p.
  10. Article - Eastern city sources and formation as a subject of civilizational processes // History - the battlefield (Disputes and reality.). M., Collection, 2015 48 - 114 p.

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