Alikber Kalabekovich

Dr. of History

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Scientific Interests

• Arab source studies and historiography of the 7th-14th centuries. Medieval Arabic manuscripts and epigraphics.
• Islamic studies, history of Islam, modern Islam.
• Theory and methodology of history (information and communication aspects).
• Ancient and medieval history of the Caucasus peoples, Khazars and the Arab Caliphate history.
• History and issues of Eurasian communications.


Mr. Alikberov defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "System and Communication Approach to the History Study of the East" - specialty 07.00.09 “Historiography, source studies, and methods of historical research” at Russian State University for the Humanities on the 19th of June 2020. He studied in the years 1988-1991 at the doctoral school of the Oriental Studies Faculty of the Leningrad State University and the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (USSR Academy of Sciences). Mr. Alikberov defended his candidate thesis on the topic "Raikhan Al-haka'ik Wa-bustan Ad-daka'ik li Muhammad al-Darbandi as a Monument of Muslim Historiography (11th-12th centuries AD)" in the same specialty in December 1991 at the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences) (nowadays - the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts). The monograph “The Classical Islam Era in the Caucasus. Abu Bakr al-Darbandi and his Sufi Encyclopedia "Raikhan al-haka'ik" (11th-12th centuries AD)" was included in the year 2003 in the summary report of the Russian Academy of Sciences to the President of the Russian Federation as a fundamental work on oriental studies. He was on a course in Cairo in the year 1990, in 1994 - at the Oriental Institute of Oxford. Alikber Alikberov graduated with honors from the Faculty of History of the Dagestan State University in 1986. He has been working at the Institute of Oriental Studies since 1993. Mr. Alikberov has been working until May 1999 in the Middle East Department (Arabic Cabinet) of the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies. Mr. Alikberov is an author of almost 130 scientific publications in Russian, English, German, and other languages. He is an expert of the Rusian Academy of Sciences. Alikber Alikberov is a member of the Scientific Councils (the Russian Academy of Sciences Scientific Council on Ethnicity and Interethnic Relations, Scientific Council on Complex Issues of Oriental Studies). He is a member of various expert organizations (Expert Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Expert Council at the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, Expert Group on Improving Legislation in the Sphere of Freedom Conscience and Religious Associations, Expert Council of the State Duma Committee of the Civil Society Development, Issues of Public and Religious Associations.
Mr. Alikberov had been the Head of the Center for the Study of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Ural-Volga Region of the Institute of Oriental Studies since 2009 . He had been the Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies for Science from 2015 until 2020. Mr. Alikberov was elected the President of the Institute of Oriental Studies in November the year 2020, and from that date he has been heading the Institute.


Mr. Alikberov is Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the State Academic University of the Humanities (GAUGN). He is the head of GAUGN master's programs. He taught special courses on source study, theory and methodology of history at the Oriental Studies Faculty of the Kazakh National University in 2012-2013. Alikber Alikberov was a visiting professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi (India) in the year 2011, and a visiting professor at the Islamic Studies Research Center in Oxford (UK) in the year 1994.