Dr. of History

Department of Korea and Mongolia

He was born 04.04.1937 in Kharkov city (former USSR). In the Institute of Oriental Studies is working from 1966 up till present time as a junior, senior, leading researcher, chief of the Mongolian studies unit with two breaks. In 1988-1988 he worked at the USSR’s Embassy in the MPR, in 1996-2000 at the RF Embassy in Mongolia. He received his Phd (History) degree in1975 and D.Sc (History) degree in 1996.


He graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Relations (University) of the USSR’s MFA in 1960, the Oriental Division of the Faculty of the International Relations, with a degree “international relations, referent for countries of East”

Scientifics Interests:

Modern history of Mongolia in the XX - early XXI; political and social-economic issues of the contemporary Mongolia; history and actual Russia – Mongolia’s relations; nomadism and sedentarisation in contemporary Mongolia

Vladimir Grayvoronsky
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