Aleksandr Arkad`evich

PhD in Philology

Center for Japanese Studies

Alexander Dolin (b.1949 ) after having graduated from the Oriental Languages College of Moscow State University, started his academic career at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, and received there his Ph.D. degree in Japanese Literature. After moving to Japan in 1992 he worked for twelve years as a Professor of Comparative Literature at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. In 2004 he was invited to the innovative Akita International University as Professor of Japanese Literature and Comparative Culture. Dr. Dolin is the author of several comprehensive monographs on Japanese literature and culture, including History of New Japanese Poetry in 4 volumes, The Bronze Age of Japanese Poetry et al. His works on Japanese and Russian literature, culture, religion and society, as well as on world civilizations were variously issued in Russian, German, English and Japanese. He has also published over 30 books of translations of numerous masterpieces from classical and modern Japanese literature, especially a great variety of anthologies and individual collections introducing Japanese poetry from the ancient times to present day. In 1995, he was awarded the Special Contribution to Culture Prize by the All-Japan Translators’ Association for his academic and poetic translation into Russian of the Kokinwakashu immortal anthology. He completed his career in Japan in 2017 as professor Emeritus of Akita International University/ In Russia, Dr. Dolin is also well known as the author of several comprehensive books on Oriental Martial Arts. Alexander Dolin is also recognized in Russia as a poet and a writer in his own right, having published several books of poetry and prose. Award of the Russian Union of Writers’ medals of honor. Senior research fellow at the Institute of OrientaL Studies, Russian Academy of sciences. Since January 2018 Professor at the Faculty of World Economy and World Politics at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

Scientifics Interests:

Japanese literature and culture