Elena Leonidovna

Dr. of History

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Scientific Interests

Sphere of scientific interests: modern mass culture of Japan, history of Soviet-Japanese and Russian-Japanese relations, military history.


In 1973 graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University, specializing in Oriental philology. In 1983 graduated from the correspondence graduate school of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and defended a thesis on the topic "Features of artistic skill of Tanizaki Junichiro" (supervisor - Dr. TP Grigorieva). In 2004, defended a doctoral dissertation on the topic "Solving the humanitarian problem of Japanese prisoners of war in relations between the USSR and Japan (1945-2000) " at the Institute of Military History of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. Has been working at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences since January 1986.

List of main publications

Individual monographs:

In Russian:

  1. "Japanese corporations: culture, charity, business." M., Eastern Literature, 1992
  2. "Japanese prisoners of war in the USSR: a great game of great powers." M., Institute of Oriental Studies, Kraft +, 2004
  3. "The last prisoners of World War II: little-known pages of Soviet-Japanese relations." M., Institute of Oriental Studies, 2005
  4. "Japanese prisoners of war in the USSR: 1945-1956. Collection of documents "in conjunction with VA Gavrilov. M., Fund "Democracy", 2013
  5. "The Japanese in the real and virtual worlds. Essays on modern Japanese mass culture. " M., Eastern Literature, 2013

In Japanese:

  1. "Sibariani kakeru khasi" (Bridge over Siberia). Tokyo, Kobunsya, 1997.
  2. "Kantogun heisi wa nadze Siberia - no okurarata-ka?" (Why were the soldiers of the Kwantung Army sent to Siberia? "Tokyo," Syakai Geronso ", 2004.
  3. Sections: Russian animation and Russian fashion in the collection "Rosia Bunka Geijutsu" (Russian Culture and Art). Tokyo, 2011.

Articles: more than 100 articles in collective monographs and scientific collections, academic and popular publications, including:

on culture:

  1. Katasonova E.L. Japan: The Challenge of Western Civilization? // Japan: Myths and Reality. M., 1999.
  2. Katasonova E.L. Japanese Culture: Centuries-old Traditions in the Context of Dynamic Modernity // Conservatism and Traditionalism. M., 2000.
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