Dr. of Economics

IOS RAS » Center for Japanese Studies » Chief Researcher

Scientific Interests

Postwar Japanese economy. social problems


1972 – graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, 1979 – from post-graduate course, Institute of Oriental Studies


In 1995 - 1996 taught at Tohoku University (Sendai) (a lecture course – "Economic history of Russia in the 20th century”, a seminar – "Specific features of management of the Japanese companies"). In 2006-2009 taught at SU-Higher School of Economics (a course of lectures – "Economy of Japan").

List of main publications (monographs):

  1. Structural changes in Japanese manufacturing (monograph), 1986
  2. The Japanese corporations: strategy of growth (monograph), 1995
  3. Small business in Japan (monograph), 2004
  4. Japan: the development of industry and enterprise in Japan (second half of XX – beginning of XXI c.) (monograph), 2007
  5. Globalization of Japanese Manufacturing (monograph), 2012