Department of Asian literature

The work of the Department of Asian Literature is carried out under the program “Literature in the context of the culture of the East” in the following areas:

Postcolonial problems in the literature of the East.
Most of the employees of the department work within this direction. In particular, the team of authors under the leadership of Ph.D. Uturgauri S.N. five collections of articles on national identity, Western-Eastern contacts, literary diasporas, and gender issues were published, including a monograph of Ph.D. in 2014. Kolesnikova N.V. “V.S. Naipol: life, creativity, destiny "about the Nobel Prize winner and the largest contemporary English writer. Postcolonial problems in the literature are related to the ongoing work of N.V. Kolesnikova, "Literature of the Indian Diaspora: English-speaking writers." In the framework of the same program, the work of Ph.D. Vasilyeva L.A. over the monograph “Voluntary Exiles. Urdu Diaspora in the West. The problems of social anthropology and gender studies, which are characteristic of the postcolonial period, are devoted to the monograph of Dr.Sc. Suvorova A.A. "The heirs of the Asian democracies."

The study of traditional literature of the East in connection with religion and ritual.
The traditional direction of the department, in line with which the work of Ph.D. Taneyeva-Salomatshaeva L.Z. on the translation of the monument to the Indian Persian-language hagiographic literature “Fawaid al-Fuad”. In this framework, work continues Ph.D. Kirpichenko V.N. on the translation of the monument of Arabic literature of the mid-nineteenth century: Muhammad Faris ash-Shidyak "Step by step after al-Faryak."

Russia and the literature of the East.
The current direction of the Department, in which the monograph completed Ph.D. Gerasimova A.S. “Russian classics in Afghanistan” and the work of Ph.D. Ali-zade E.A. over the monograph "Russian literature and the Arab world (Perception of the works of L. Tolstoy and F. Dostoevsky in Arab countries)". The first volume of the monograph E.A. Ali-zade is in print.

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