Center for Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania

The Center of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences carries out scientific work in accordance with the priority research areas of basic research of the RAS in close connection with the national interests of Russia, within the framework of the academic programs “East and Russia - history and perspectives of relations” and "Cultural, religious and ethnic factors in the local and global processes of modernity."

The Southeast Asia sector firmly adheres to the principle of preserving the complexity of research, combining modern and traditional research cycles, focusing on the sociocultural factor, which is now decisive for assessing the level and quality of development of a particular country in the region. The annual monitoring of economic, political and cultural events taking place in the region is also extremely important. Held for many years annual conferences “Southeast Asia and South Pacific region: Tendencies and Prospects of Socio-Economic Development” are the largest in Russia in terms of the number of participants and the scale of the issues discussed. Thanks to them, the Center of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania not only maintains a leading position in the study of Southeast Asia in Russia, but also has the ability to conduct cross-cutting research on any major political or economic issue regarding the Southeast Asian region.

Sector of the South Pacific region. Research in the sector is aimed at studying the history, economics, political science, ecology and culture of the countries of the South Pacific region. Special attention is paid to the young independent countries of Oceania. Traditionally, great interest is shown in Australia and New Zealand - two developed countries of the South Pacific region. Studies are being conducted on international and economic relations and the definition of the role of regional states in the globalization of world economic relations. The focus is on research on the cultural ties of Australia and Russia, the Russian Diasporas.

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Division Staff >>

Mosyakov Dmitry

Dr. of History, Professor
Head of Center

Ekaterina Astafieva

PhD in History
Academic Secretary of the Center, senior researcher



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