Academic Publishing Department

 The Academic Publishing Department prepares the works created in the Institute for printing and arranges its publication.

Main functions of our Department are:
- Editing and publishing academic materials based on the Institute’s research, such as monographs, almanacs, conference speeches, textbooks, and other educational works;
- Monitoring the academic and literary contents of the publications, controlling the quality of its design.

Our activities include:
- preparing scholarly publications – editing, proofreading and making layouts of original scripts, arranging them into books;
- interacting with printing houses;
- storing and distributing the books and periodicals on a non-profit basis;
- providing the official website of the Academy of Sciences with electronic versions of the publications.

The materials we publish may be distributed free of charge to academic libraries, research centers, and educational institutions in any way connected to Oriental Studies as a field of research, individual scholars and teachers, based on the Administration’s permission. The Institute’s Internet portal provides free access to the electronic versions of the publications.

Our main objectives are:
- to improve the quality control over the scripts presented and prepared for publication;
- to outline the patterns of interactions with the research departments, increase its responsibility for decisions on monographs and almanacs going to be published;
- to perfect the design quality of the materials;
- to keep records and implement innovations allowing to improve the quality of print products and decrease the expenses

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